Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Today In History, Happy Birthday Mary Queen of Scots

Happy birthday Mary I promise I did not forget it. Today is the 467Th and yet you still fascinate many. The picture below is alleged to be painted by the French court painter at the time Mary was 16 years old. To me it looks more like an engraving or a etching but I could be wrong.

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  1. Wow, Lizzy, I've never seen that print before. For some reason it looks to me like a very 19th c. style of engraving.

    Happy Birthday to MQS! I agree that she continues to fascinate, not only because she was royal and beautiful, but because she had such dreadful taste in men and her personality was a mass of contradictions!

  2. I'm with Leslie -- I've never seen this print before. I'm quite interested in MQS right now because she plays a role in the new novel I'm writing (and that's all I'm going to say for now!). Thanks for posting this.

  3. I haven't seen it before either. To me the features look like 17th or 18th century style - I'm not expert though. I just read about her execution (again) in The Queen's Bastard by Robin Maxwell.

  4. I'm with the others and haven't seen this before, but it's beautiful!

    Happy Birthday Mary! I don't think I'll ever tire of her - she led such an intriguing life!

  5. What a beautiful print of her..although I have to admit that she looks so different! I also love that you have her signature there-and just because I love to mention this whenever I can, did you know she also wrote in code? So cool:D

  6. I really like that artwork. I haven't read much on Mary, except in Elizabeth's Women - I think I would like to read more about her.

  7. Leslie, I had never seen it before either and I was also feeling it was a later made piece. She was for sure a mass of contradictions one might as well name her a walking controversy. She always makes a good read, a drama fest.

    Christine you TEASE! You can not just drop a bomb like that and just toot toot on your way! When is the "Wax Makers Apprentice" due out? I have been craving it.

    Arleigh, I read The Queen's Bastard and really enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to get a copy on papperbackswap.com I had it on my wish list forever before I got it. I still need Tower Born which so happens to now be my 2nd place favorite then I will have every one of Robin's books.

    She was an intriguing woman Amy I know you love her. I think all of the blogspears avid Mary lovers made a apprentices today on this post lacking one ....Allie. Normally I swear she can spot a Mary post a mile away.

    Lucy I swear do you read my mind or what? ESP? I actual found one of the documents and a the coder below it. I found it very interesting and bookmarked it for further investigation. I will more than likely put it together in a post later. Cool I know she was so smart and smart enough to be stubborn and stand her ground.

    Heather I did not recommend a book on her because I still have yet to discover the "to die for" book on her. I have read a few but I think Philippa Gregory gave the best description of her ever "beautiful...soft...with teeth like a kitten". I found it hilarious like Mary would bite but in truth she did have a bite. Everything she came into contact with fell apart.

    Happy Birthday Mary, everyone always loves a fiery red head.

  8. Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Sorry, it's all under wraps until I know what my editor thinks. My book on Madame Tussaud, THE WAX APPRENTICE (that title will change, btw) is due out in early 2011. But you, dear Lizzy, will be among the first know about it!

  9. LOL Christine you are so awnry I LOVE it! Sounds good to me I really can not wait. I hope you end up making lots and lots of them especially if they are anything like The Queens Dollmaker it will be to die for.

  10. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................


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