Monday, December 28, 2009

Mailbox Mondays

Another wonderful Monday now that the holiday rush has finally simmered down a bit. Once again I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who always think of me. Arleigh over at Historical-Fiction sent me some wonderful books that I absolutely love. The coolest part is they are all books I have been dying to read.

From Arleigh:
The Loves of Charles II, Jean Plaidy
The Courts of Love, Jean Plaidy
Victoria Victorious, Jean Plaidy

The other ones that moseyed their way to the mail box are:
Virgin and The Crab by Robert Parry
Powder and Patch by Georgette Heyer
Cassandra, Lost by Joanna Catherine Scott


  1. The Loves of Charles II was my first Plaidy read and I LOVED it!!!

    Enjoy your books Lizzy!

  2. Your blog is gorgeous. Makes me want to hop on a plane to France right this very moment!

    Jean Plaidy's novels are awesome. Enjoy!

  3. Amy you surprise me I would have figured that your first would have been a Tudor one. My first Plaidy read was The Rose With Out a Thorn. I can not wait to read it.

    Susan Thank you so much I am glad you like it, I too wish I could jump a plane to France right now.

  4. Arleigh is such a doll!
    I am missing me some Plaidy, it's been way too long.
    I should read something non-Tudor'ish though so I can get out of reading only on England sometime, which is something I had done for most all of 2009.

    My mailbox is up~ the ones from Santa anyway~ at The Burton Review.

  5. Enjoy all of your new books...they look great!

  6. I too have been missing Plaidy lately and I am trying to branch away from Tudor's at the moment. I think I am just a bit burnt out on it at the moment.

    That Arleigh is SUCH a doll by far one of the nicest book lovers ever.

  7. Aww, you ladies are too sweet! I love spreading the Plaidy novels around!

  8. Arleigh, you are so kind, I love that you LOVE Plaidy so much that you want to help others love her too!


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