Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The HF Community BEWARE

"Swiper NO Swiping" Do we not remember what our mothers told us growing up that "stealing is morally wrong."

I originally started this blog as a means to be able to "meet" other people who loved historical fiction as much as me. People I could talk to and enjoy covering new reads and past reads. I have been fortunate to meet some of the most amazing people which I greatly appreciate making their acquaintance. My mother always told me "With any group of people the more volume you have the more chance there is that there will be a rotten apple in the group".

Recently in the HF blogosphere, there has been some discrepancies in regards to "swiping." The lovely Leslie Carroll was the first victim with her review of "Wolf Hall". Leslie being the stand up lady that she is called B.S. on this, and somewhat resolved the issue, and the review was changed to exclude the swiped portion of her review of Wolf Hall. The next victim was Allie from Hist-Chic with her very informative post on Coco Channel, it was stated that someone else would also be covering this at a later point. Hum, I wonder where she got that idea could it be that she spends her day trolling other Historical Fiction blogs looking for ideas on what to post herself? Or is it that she is so uncreative she can not muster a good enough post to get attention?

I have kept a close eye on the events that had transpired not only because these wonderful women have become my friends but because I needed to make sure the same did not happen to me. Low and behold I discovered yesterday that had been "swiped" of one of my ideas.

I know many of you have been thoroughly enjoying my Sunday's Art posts on the Pre-Raphalites and I have had so much fun doing them. I have really enjoyed the fire storm of comments and debates on what the hidden symbolism's mean. With that being said I have to state that I normally love a good collaboration and I do not mind if my ideas are recycled as far as format, widgets, and anything else. What I will not tolerate is someone swiping my idea's as far as posts go. I work very hard to bring original posts to light for all my readers, for there enjoyment only. I genuinely want to know what other my readers think once they read my thoughts.

What I can not stand about this is I know she read my post but did not leave a comment. Then barely a week after my post miraculously her post went up titled "Pre-Raphaelites in Love: Millias, Effie Gray and John Ruskin". Original post I think not: sorry but it has already been done and you are ridding other peoples creative coat tails. Sad I know, that someone would have a blog but can not come up with an original post and instead has to swipe it from someone else. I am normally very open minded but this has pushed me over the edge. Maybe next time find someone more obscure to steal from maybe then you will not get caught.

You be the judge, Here is my post dated November 22nd, Here is her post dated November 30th. If you would like to see another random blog that also caught wind with a detailed description Leslie's review of Wolf Hall go here, it is very amusing to see what the outraged responses to it were.


  1. I am utterly dumbstruck that this ‘writer’ will so boldly and publically steal ideas and very words from others, and those in the same online arenas. Is she really that untalented? Someone needs to call her publishers and let them know they are supporting a plagiarist. I, for one, will not be buying, promoting or recommending her book(s) and should one come into the bookstore where I work I won’t hesitate to tell anyone and everyone the author’s background.

  2. Well, she certainly did swipe your idea, but the posts are really different. Your post is about the painting which I throughly enjoyed and hers is all about the artist & the scandal. She barley if at all mentions the painting. She is focusing on the scandalous woman in history. I really believe she probably saw the painting and decided to research into the artist's affair with Effie and elaborate on that. I guess brilliant minds think alike :-). As my mother would say the "the greatest form of flattery is imitation".

  3. After reading Arleigh's post I'm lost. Is this woman an author? I think I need to investigate this further to see what's going on, I've missed something.

  4. So frustrating to hear this. Interestingly, a few months back, a design blogger I follow had almost the exact same thing happen to several of her posts. Not cool.

  5. Well - the posts are a different take - as it were - but I think it is uncool to not at least reference your post (if she did read your post) - especially when the same great painting was front and center. Hopefully, you have sought to resolve this in some way between you. So sorry for your vexation!

  6. Hmmm..same painting, same idea, same week, same historical blogger community...I think in the very least a link and mention should have been included- for courtesy as well as professionalism.

  7. I agree that a link mention would have diffused the situation in this particular case. The fact that this issue has occurred before and that she is an (aspiring?) author does not lend credibility to her future endeavors, however.

    On the bright side: See how wonderful your post was, Lizzy? It inspired someone to write up one just like it! That counts for something..

    But again, it certainly would promote blogosphere-ethics if we did respect the community and cite other's posts when it seems fit.

    Cute Swiper! Swiper, no swiping!!

  8. I feel compelled to come and defend myself about the accusation that I stole your post Lizzy. On November 4th I posted on my blog that I would be writing a post about Millais, Effie, and Ruskin. I used the Order of Release painting because it was the first painting that Millais did of Effie and I thought it would appropriate. Also in that November 4th post, I also stated that I was writing a post on Chanel during the War, continuing an earlier post that I had written on Chanel. I had no idea that Allie was going to be writing a post on Chanel. I didn't end up writing the post, because I had no time to research it.

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