Monday, July 20, 2009

Today In History, Claude Queen Consort of France

On July 20Th, 1524 Queen Claude of France Passed away. She was Queen Consort of France and the Duchess of Brittany in her own right. Being the eldest daughter of Louis XII of France and the Anne Duchess of Brittany. When her husband François became King in 1515, two of Claude's ladies-in-waiting were the English sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn, coincidence I think not.

Claude's life was spent in an endless round of annual pregnancies. Which had to be hard on any woman's body. Her husband had many mistresses, but was usually relatively discreet. Claude imposed a strict moral code on her own household, which only a few chose to flout. Her husband was also Henry VIII arch enemy. They even competed in there womanizing skills. Once they even bare brawled. Henry lost and was pissed that he lost to François.


  1. Fascinating! Thanks for this interesting and informative post:)

  2. I knew you would like this one. I have been thinking about you a lot lately because I went to visit the Portland Rose Gardens and thought about Enchanted Josephine, you would have loved the gardens, absolutely beautiful. You would have died. I will email you the pictures once I download them.


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