Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Release, O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell

I am so excited about this one it has had me wriggling in my chair since I read the last page of Signora Da Vinci. Even though it is such a long wait until February 2ND, 2010! I will have to hold back until then but at this point it seems a completely impossible feat to accomplish.

Robin Maxwell was gracious enough to bestow some tidy bits to hold us all over for a while. She has stated: "I set the story of the lovers in Florence, and you'll be happy to know that Lucrezia de' Medici (Lorenzo mama) at age 18, is Juliet's best girlfriend and confident". Lorenzo being one of my favorite characters from Signora Da Vinci, the steamy, intelligent, and hot Italian man.

"Penguin books also is planning a big Valentine's Day promotion, which is fitting, as this is the greatest love story every told. And once the book is on sale, I'm going to run a contest via my website -- asking readers to send in their own love stories. There will be prizes"!

Oh goody goody! I am going to start writing my own love story asap so it will be done when the book finally hits stores. My husband and I defiantly shared a fateful meeting of destiny when we came together. It will be fun to put it to pen and paper. Thank you Robin for all the wonderful information as we all wait patiently for its release.


  1. LOVE Robin Maxwell and LOVED Signora da Vinci!!! I am super excited about this one...argh...February is SO far away though!

    I need to start working on my love story too - my hubby & I also have a good one!

  2. I think my dear husband would beg to differ qualifying us a love story! :)
    But I will definitely be buying this book, if for the cover ALONE!

  3. Oh thanks for the tip. I never heard of this one but if its half as good as Mademoiselle Boleyn I am sold. I have to read Signora da Vinci first I guess though I have plenty of time before February.

  4. Jasmine, you have to read Signora, it is an amazing story of the love of a mother willing to do anything to protect her child. Go to it today you will not be disappointed. I read it in 2 days, never wanting it to end.


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