Thursday, May 22, 2014

REIGN on CW Review

I know that not everyone likes the new show Reign on CW. I have to admit that I LOVE IT! It is so far left field on everything especially on Mary Queen of Scots life in France that it is insanely bad. But it is so bad that it is GOOD! The clothing, the hair, and now even the music. The whole cast is to die for beautiful men and women. Yet Mary stands out as the shows great beauty. I know that the show has not just caused scandal on the historical accuracy front but it also air the CW networks raciest scene to ever air. I became hooked on it after I watched this raunchy scene between Mary's lady in waiting Kenna and the King of France. It was a down and dirty little sex scene that left my mouth gaping open. The moment proved that this show was defiantly an adult show. In Reign the women are glamorous with a modern day edge making for some very cute bohemian aristocratic fashion's. All of Mary's ladies are to die for beautiful and very different from each other which makes it all the more exciting. They even made Catherine De' Medici a beautiful mature woman. I guess Reign just makes everyone beautiful. I totally understand if this show is not your cup of tea but I thought I would share some of the cool things I love about this show just in case it sparks your interest.
From top left to right: Dauphin Francis, Mary Stuart, Sebastian, Catherine de Medici, Henry II. From bottom Left to right: Aylee, Kenna, Greer, Lola, Nostradamus. 
The Cast 
Kenna, Lola, and Greer.
Mary Stuart ~ Adelaide Kane
King Henry II of France ~ Alan van Sprang
Queen Catherine de Medici ~ Megan Follows
Dauphin Francis ~ Toby Regbo
Diane de Poitiers ~ Anna Walton
Sebastian (King Henry II and mistress Diane de Poitiers son) ~ Torrance Coombs
Nostradamus ~ Rossif Sutherland
Kenna ~ Caitlin Stasey
Lola (Mary's lady in waiting) ~ Anna Popplewell
Greer (Mary's lady in waiting) ~ Celina Sinden
Aylee (Mary's lady in waiting) ~ Jenessa Grant

On episode #118 the show was at a turning point. Mary and Francis are firmly married and the king Henry II has gone mad. Henry allowed a servant woman to usurp Queen Catherine De' Medici's crown after she won the queen of the bean contest. The little servant girl won and Henry being mad at the time let her take it way too far. Meanwhile in a turn of events a new contract was being negotiated with the Pope for certain land rents and Henry not being fit to negotiate means that the golden couple Mary and Francis would swoop in and save the day by taking over the negotiations. 

Catherine de Medici and Nostradamus
Did mention that all of this took place at a ball? That was the best part. Mary and Francis were taking the stage and finding their royal footing at this time. But surprisingly the best part of this scene was not the ball it was the music! It took me while to pick up on it but playing in the background for the ball there was a string quartet playing, I knew this song but until the courus broke out I had no idea how I knew it. Best song ever for the moment goes to Lordes "Royal" performed by Vitamin String Quartet. The music was oh so fitting and I loved it, loved it, LOVED it. I wanted to share the music with you and some info about my new favorite show even if it is not your cup of tea consider it a train wreck that you just can't take your eyes off of. I hope that through this show some might watch it and wonder what was the real Mary Queen of Scots like. Maybe they will become a historical fiction junkie too and who knows maybe just maybe someone will give Mary a chance and find out that her life was way more dramatic than anything a TV show could ever hope to produce. I am sad to say though that Reign had it's season finally last week and I hope to goodness they do not cancelled it but for now check out the stuff below for more on Reign including where to watch the full episodes for FREE.



  1. I TRY to like it but it's SO historically inaccuarate [sic] it makes me sick. (like, how many anachronisms can you spot in each scene?)

    1. LOL very true, I find it really bad that they just make things up but I find it so bad that I laugh. I can not believe some of the plots they have thrown into it. It makes for wild TV but on the other hand I wished it had been more realistic.


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