Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Historically Obsessed!

Happy birthday Historically Obsessed you turned two today! Well well ladies and gentlemen who would have ever thought that an obsession for history and historical fiction novels would go this far? I for one never saw it coming. Okay so you are probably wondering what gives with the "Boys in books are better" graphic? I figured this year I would do something a bit diffrent for the blogs 2nd birthday. Here is the deal normally I do not "share" graphics but to celebrate today I made this lovely little graphic for anyone who wants it. You can use it for your blog, add it to your facebook page photo's, and basically you can use it for any type of fun you can come up with. The graphic is my way of saying "thank you followers and readers for a fabulouse past two years none of it would have been possible with out you or worth it with out your insight".


  1. Duly copied and will attach to a post later this week... you have come a very long way in this short time, I am dead chuffed to have spotted you so early on;


    Have a grand birthday.

  2. Wow! Congrats! May you have many many more blog birthdays :D

  3. Happy Birthday Historically Obsessed!!!

  4. Happy blogoversary! I've had fun reading your blog and getting to know you

  5. Happy birthday Historically Obsessed! I am a fairly new reader and can't believe I didn't find you sooner. And I love the graphic (thanks)!

  6. Happy Second Birthday!!!

    Lizzy, I am so proud of what you've achieved with this blog in two short years! It's a joy to read, your reviews are always insightful, and it is visually beautiful as well.

    Funny, I dedicated ROYAL PAINS, my 3rd nonfiction book, to my father, and I told him I think of it as a "boy book," because there's a lot of gruesome history in there, in addition to the sexy stuff (and boys like that), and there are more male baddies in this book than females.

  7. Congratulations on two years of great blogging!

  8. Happy bday blog! Congrats! I hope my blog will last two long and wonderful years!!

  9. Dave you were the first to really show me how many wonderful and exciting people are out doing this whole blogging thing. I was inspired by your own ambition for "Len's War" and I do hope someday you finish it and publish it. Thank you Dave you have made it so much more fun.

    Misha, thank you and I hope to have many more to come also.

    Allison, I second that and I am glad we found each other!

    Patty, the same is for you Patty I love your insight you always have been a real constant in my HF world, thank you! Also I love Pricilla: goats they crack me up.

    Bonnie, hehe I am glad you did find me and enjoy the graphic.

    Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, you are a woman after my heart I swear. My favorite non-fiction author ever, Lettice enthusiast, and Pre-Raphaelite lover honestly in this whole blogging thing I just want to be me and be HONEST about everything. I say what I like and leave alone what i do not and try to have fun doing it. I swear though with out you it would not be fun, just like the Mary Queen of Scots animation. I will never get over the fact that it is you for Mary it makes me love it so much more. I am just glad we found each other in this historical world.

    Robert, thank you it has been a pleasure and I love it that you started on this past month or so too!

    Carole, Thank you and I am positive it will. You are very creative and I already love your taste and style. Just be you and it will take off from there. I am glad we found each other.

  10. The final version of "Len's War" is free to all at;



  11. Dear Lizzy,

    I am fairly new to your site and new to historical fiction, but I want to tell you that it's one of my favorite blogs. You have such respect for authors and are so passionate about the books you review that you make your blog a welcoming and beautiful place to be for both readers and authors, when cyberspace can sometimes be a very cold, cruel, and snarky place to writers.

    Congratulations on two years in the blogosphere and may you keep on putting out those positive vibes for many, many more years to come!

  12. Happy Blogiversary to you Lizzy! I have enjoyed getting to know you just a little bit over the last couple of years through your blog, and I look forward to that continuing!

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday Lizzy! Time sure does fly by when you are having fun...and blogging about what we love is the bomb ;) Thanks for your free graphic but I can't take it because I have a real, live BOY who is better than any fictional character I've ever come across...he's the best! Best wishes for the coming year. Fondly, Roberta

  14. I have two blogs (one about the Life and Times of Marie Antoinette and one about Life, Love and Accidental Adventures) and sometimes struggle to find the time to post regular pieces. Two years of good material is an accomplishment.


  15. Happy 2 years (I know I am a day late, but still!). I always love coming by to read your blog - so glad we became friends through this crazy thing! Love the graphic - I love all of your graphics!

  16. Dave, thank you for sharing the page I will check it out very cool!

    Thank you Daisy!

    Juliet Grey, words can not express...thank you really; thank you for your kind words I do it all for the love of books!

    Michelle, thank you it has been a fun past 2 years.

    Marg, I look forward to a future getting to know you also Marg. I wish I could get over to visit you more I am still waiting on that new computer and then I will be able to run it all day long and come by more.

    Roberta, no kidding it does fly. Hehe have fun with your BOY LOL.

    Thank you Leah I am just happy that I have made it this far, it is really like a relief to share things I love that no one else wants to listen to me on. My husband just tunes me out and glazes over. I am glad you have enjoyed the blog.

    Heather, I am late too I have been all over the place lately with the kids and have not been online much, thank you and me too girl it has been a GREAT past two years.


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