Sunday, April 26, 2015

Book Review: THE ALCHEMIST'S DAUGHTER by Mary Lawrence

Bianca Goddard daughter of an almost executed alchemist chose a slightly different path from her traitorous father. Herbs and healing the people of Southwark were her only goal in life. She made salves, cures, and dispensed rat poison for the greater good of the people. Being the solitary type of person that she was Bianca had few friends because her work was her only focus. With only a few close friends in her life Bianca found her world turned upside down when her close friend Jolyn came complaining about an upset stomach. With in minutes of giving her friend a stomach aid Jolyn began to have a seizure that ended with her sudden death.

Given the circumstances of Jolyn’s sudden demise the constable immediately deducted that Bianca was the prime suspect. Constable Patch had named her because she was the last one with Jolyn and mostly because of her trade. Given little to no chance at defending herself Bianca resorted to investigating who would wish her sweet friend Jolyn dead and who would benefit from it the most. Joyln had no family and had lived as a helper in a converted house of ill repute. With the help from her childhood friend and hopeful lover John they both went head long into the dark underbelly of Southwark during Henry VIII’s rule to find her friends killer and bring them to justice. With the constable hot on their tail the best place to start was the converted Barke House before the constable has her head for murder.

4/5 An exciting, mysterious fast paced read. I would highly recommend this fun new series because you better believe I am going to keep tabs on this exciting new series. We all know I love the Tudors but even though this novel is set in Tudor times I enjoyed it immensely because it focused on the common people of Henry VIII’s reign.

FTC ~ this novel was sent to me by the publisher. I received no compensation for this review.

R ~ Rating for violence.
Amazon: THE ALCHEMIST'S DAUGHTER by Mary Lawrence ~ Bianca Goddard Mysteries

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  1. first I was unsure....but it does sound intriguing.

    1. I was unsure at first too, I took a really long time to get back to them about doing a review because I had to really think about it. I am glad I did because it was a really quick mystery read. I really enjoyed it and told them to email me when more of the series comes out. You would like it Carole.


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