Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kings, Queens, and Horses

Close up of "Queen of Hearts" mixed media
This beauty was a printed canvas my husband bought for me at the art supply store. In the pack it came with two pieces one with the queen of hearts and the other with the king of hearts. I used a variety on this as usual. From colored pencils, to water color pencils, ball point pens, and felt tipped pens. I just basically colored it, painted, high lighted, and then re-did the black. It took awhile to do both but it was worth it but now all I have to do is get them in frames.
"Queen of Hearts" mixed print media on canvas.

"King of Hearts" mixed print media on canvas.

Quick little sketch inspired by the "Dolce & Gabbana fashion show on Capri". Ink sketch with Prisma markers.

"Spotted pony love" ink sketch with Prisma markers.

I hope you all enjoyed my art work hopefully I will have more coming soon.

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