Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review: LITTLE BOOK OF BOOK MAKING by Charlotte Rivers

This is a cool little book it is a creative trigger for artists alike. From the anatomy of a book with folded and sewn bindings all the way to artists in Egypt, Brazil, Canada and even in my neck of the woods artist Monica Holtsclaw in Beaverton Oregon. This book is filled with artistic examples of page and covering treatments, which featured another local artist Scantron Press in Portland Oregon.  Experimental packaging art from Lime Rot in Seattle Washington and Hinged Strung Stitched in Portland Oregon.  I was told a long time ago once that Portland and Seattle are home to some of the most creative artists in the country making the two cities a hub for artistic minds. Now I can really see it thanks to this lovely little book. 

Not just a gallery of beautiful works of books this book also will teach you how to make your own books from the beginning. With sections covering tools, materials, how to make an instant, accordion, flag, dragon, carousel, secret message books and it does not stop there it goes on to cover a pamphlet, long, Japanese stab, Coptic, French link stitch, case binding, suminaga’s shi paper marbling, paste papers, frottage, natural plant dyeing, book cloth, woven covers, fabric covers, and pillow books. With a wealth of information this book will give any aspiring artist the knowledge to reach all of their creative dreams.

4/5 Loved this book with its beautifully crafted books that are art pieces all so unique. My favorites were all the ones that used maps in the bindings and also the intricate colorful ladder stitch, and last but not least a set of books shaped like pie slices. Every one of the featured books was beautiful making it hard to narrow down a favorite. I would highly recommend this book to all creative gurus because knowledge can be an inspiration.


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