Monday, November 14, 2011

Mailbox Monday

The Wars of the Roses (A Royal History of England) Anthony Cheetham (Author), Antonia Fraser (Editor)

"From Henry IV, the first Lancastrian king, to Richard III, The Wars of the Roses follows the history of the kings of the houses of Lancaster and York who shaped this tumultuous period of English history. Anthony Cheetham provides insight into the politics, society, and economy of this time, and above all, he conveys the personal histories and characters of its rulers.

About the series A Royal History of England:
From the beginning of monarchical power in Norman times to the present queen, the British royal family has experienced many scandals, triumphs, and changes in public image, but few of their reigns can be described as uneventful. With contributions by specialist authors and contemporary illustrations of royal heraldry and coats of arms, Antonia Fraser has edited a definitive and entertaining history of one of the most powerful monarchies in the world".


  1. Mrs Q, I know what you mean I saw this one and had never heard or seen it before. I guess it flew under my radar but I caught it now.

    Robin, I love the fact that it actually has pictures in it. Granted pictures are not always good but I have so many that do not that for once I would like to have one that does.

    Pricilla, that is what i thought when I saw it...I found it at my local library sale and glad I snagged it.

  2. Mystica, it does seem like a very interesting read.


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