Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pony Dreams

As many of you have noticed I have been busy updating the site lately and I really have been working hard making sure my portfolio is up to date. I went through all my art work including the ones I stole back from my mother and scanned each and everyone just for your viewing pleasure. Horses play a huge part in historical fiction and I have to admit horses have always been my first love. I had horses as a kid and grew up being around them. Many of these drawings are very close to my heart because they are pictures I have drawn of my own horses and horses I dreamed of.

The best part of these pieces is they are done in a style that not that many people do. It is called pointillism or stippling, for more information on it go here. The reason not that many people like the style is it is VERY hard and time consuming.

I usually start out with a pencil sketch of what I want with a very vague outlines, pretty much like the three horse picture above. Then the fun begins by taking a .001 micron point felt pen and just dot dot dot away. Some of these have taken a week or two but keep in mind these ones are very old and I did them back in high school which is why some of the proportions are off. Either way I love them and I hope you all love them too.
Draft horses

Arabian named "Rozhemere" because my Rozh used to love to run away from me.

Saddlebred show horse

Arabian in a show halter

This one below I got from my mom and realized it was not finished. I finished it this month and wow what a difference.

This one below has a very long history with me, it is of my horse Rozhemere. Rozh was a beautiful white Arabian with brown freckles. He was a stinker and what I now think was a goofball. I started this piece when I was 18 years old because I had no pictures to hang on my walls in my first place. Really long story short four moves later and 4 years later I finally finished it. Yes it really did take that long. I think it is 11 by 17 inches so it is not exactly a small piece like the Rozh above.

 Rozh in all his beautiful glory

My favorite portion of this piece

A close up shot of the hair

 "Fluterby" I just put in for fun she is from the children's author Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James
Amazon: Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James
 Flutterby (Serendipity)Sooty-Foot (Serendipity)Minikin (Serendipity Books)Leo the Lop (reissue) (Serendipity Books)Buttermilk (reissue) (Serendipity)Creole (Serendipity)


  1. WOW! I'm impressed! Super impressed! I love your bigger one of Rozh. The detail is amazing. You're awesome!

  2. Wow, Liz! You never fail to amaze me with your talent, these are fantastic!

  3. Amazing! I'm in awe. I am an avid horse lover but haven't had the experience of owning one or being around them very much. But I can't get enough of horses in my reading. Such gorgeous drawings -- thank you for sharing!

  4. I respect such talent.

    I too love horses and I love when Fall comes and the horses across the street start feeling the effects of the cool air and they will just start running for no apparent reason. They are stunning. And so free. For being fenced in - but they do have acres in which to run...

  5. Lizzy - each work you post just blows me away. I think my favorite is the draft horses but they are all just gorgeous. I have always loved pointillism works, but I would certainly not have the patience.

  6. I struggle to draw a straight line, and so it is amazing to me that others can draw so well! You are very talented Lizzy!

  7. These are really great, Lizzy! You are so talented.

  8. First of all, your drawings are awesome! Secondly, thank you for reminding me of Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James's books! I LOVED those as a kid!

  9. Thank you all lovely ladies I am so glad you enjoyed them. I was a bit nervous about posting them because art leaves you so personally vulnerable since you pour your heart and soul into it. I am so glad I shared with you all.

    Funny thing is that what got me going on these was when I was in high school my teachers would get so angry with me for drawing and actually banned me from drawing. To get around her ban I stared the dots and then would piece it all together at home. My teacher really believed that I was not listening, it made her really mad when she asked me one day what she said and I repeated it back to her word for word. She kind of let up after that and let me do the dots. Funny how things happened that way.

    If I had to pick a favorite it for sure is the big one of Rozh. He really was a beautiful horse and sadly he was wrongfully taken from me. While I went to college the stables he was at and my mom worked out a deal with them where they would care for him but he was to be a "lesson horse". I went to the barn and took him out sometime later and a woman chased me down asking what I was doing with her horse. Really long story short the stables went suddenly into bankruptcy and my horse was sold with it. I told the woman I was going to come back and get him but she sold him with in days and I never saw him again. How she sold a horse with out papers I will never get but I still have them and will hold onto them with an iron fist.

  10. Are you kidding me???!!! These are exceptionally fantastic!!! Of course I know Pointillism- it is really gorgeous effects but sooooo time consuming! You have to be extremely patient and the results are amazing. Lizzy you are a very talented artist. You keep impressing me all the time:)

  11. Awhhhh Lucy I am *blushing* I am glad you like them, I was thinking out doing one with just paint. I want a REALLY big canvas for it but that will have to wait they are so so so expensive. I looked at some and a bigger one is like 50 dollars. I have the mask one too that I still have yet to finish. Thank you Lucy!!!!!!!!

  12. Those are gorgeous drawings. I grew up with horses (Morgans) and I really miss having them. The pictures really make me want another one. I especially love the pictures of Rozhemere. Arabians are so gorgeous, even if they tend to be a handful.

  13. Sharon, I love Morgan's they are by far one of the prettiest of the breeds. I love the walks, I could be wrong but are they not gaited horses? I love those smooth smooth rides. I never rode one or knew anyone who had one but I had seen a few around the show circuit. I basically had seen enough to know they are beautiful. A handful was an understatement about Rozh. He was so bad and he knew it but we sure did have fun together. I hope to someday get my daughter into horses. I am glad you enjoyed my work, horses are such special animals.

  14. Nice work.
    Too bad you couldn't have gone to the law with your horses papers and gotten it back. Too late now, but it was just not right.

    I love the Serendipity series by Cosgrove and James. We have a shelf full of them. Our second daughter fell in love with Leo the Lop and I just kept buying all I could find.

  15. Librarypat, I think that was part of them problem the woman knew I did not have a barn or a place to take him so fast and she took advantage of it. I just wish I knew he was okay and if he was an old horse now that no one wanted I would gladly have him back.

    That is awesome about Serendipity, I have noticed they never are on sale and are very hard to find in stores. Hehe I loved Leo too!


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