Monday, June 27, 2011

Mailbox Mondays

Mary and Elizabeth by Emily Purdy aka The Tudor Throne by Brandy Purdy

"In the wake of King Henry VIII's death, England's throne is left in a precarious state - as is the peculiar relationship between his two daughters. Mary, the elder, once treasured, had been declared a bastard in favour of her flame-haired half-sister, Elizabeth, born of the doomed Anne Boleyn. Yet the bond between the sisters was palpable from the start. Now reinstated, Mary eventually assumes her place as queen. But as Mary's religious zeal evolves into a reign of terror, young Elizabeth gains the people's favour. Gripped by a tormenting paranoia, Mary is soon convinced that her beloved Elizabeth is in fact her worst enemy. And the virginal Elizabeth, whose true love is her country, must defy her tyrannical sister to make way for a new era..."

Sylvester: or The Wicked Uncle Sylvester: or The Wicked Uncle by Georgette Heyer

"This is Heyer's only romance novel to feature a female writer in the Regency world where a young lady didn't usually have those aspirations.
Sylvester, Duke of Salford, falls in love with a feisty young lady who wants nothing to do with him and aspires to be a writer-in fact she has written a scandalous novel that portrays him as the villain. Then a ballroom encounter launches a real scandal".

Bath TangleBath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

"Lady Serena Carlow is an acknowledged beauty, but she's got a temper as fiery as her head of red hair. When her father dies unexpectedly, Serena discovers to her horror that she has been left a ward of Ivo Barrasford, marquis of Rotherham, a man whom Serena once jilted and who now has the power to give or withhold his consent to any marriage she might contemplate. With her father's heir eager to take over his inheritance--and Serena's lifelong home--she and her lovely young stepmother, Fanny, decide to move to Bath, where Serena makes an odd new friend and discovers an old love, Major Hector Kirkby. Before long, Serena, Fanny, Kirkby, and Rotherham are entangled in a welter of misunderstood emotions, mistaken engagements, and misdirected love. Georgette Heyer's genius has always been in creating memorable characters, then placing them in a comedy of manners that is absolutely true to the Regency period. Bath Tangle is a delightful romp through the haute ton of early-19th-century England, and the battling, passionate, meant-for-each-other Ivo and Serena are one of her most successful romantic duos".

The Triumph of DeborahThe Triumph of Deborah by Eva Etzioni-Halevy

"In ancient Israel, war is looming. Deborah, a highly respected leader, has coerced the warrior Barak into launching a strike against the neighboring Canaanites. Against all odds he succeeds, returning triumphantly with Asherah and Nogah, daughters of the Canaanite King, as his prisoners. But military victory is only the beginning of the turmoil, as a complex love triangle develops between Barak and the two princesses.

Deborah, recently cast off by her husband, develops a surprising affinity for Barak. Yet she struggles to rebuild her existence on her own terms, while also groping her way toward the greatest triumph of her life".

Black SheepBlack Sheep by Georgette Heyer

"Abigail Wendover, on the shelf at 28, is kept busy when her niece falls head over heels in love with a handsome fortune hunter and Abbie is forced into a confrontation with his scandalous uncle.

Miles Calvery is the black sheep of his family- enormously rich from a long sojourn in India, disconcertingly blunt and brash. But he turns out to be Abbie's most important ally in keeping her niece out of trouble.

But how can he possibly be considered eligible when she has worked so hard to rebuff his own nephew's suit for her niece? And how can she possibly detach from an ailing sister who needs her? This is a heroine who has to be, literally, swept off her feet . . ."


  1. Oh, Mary and Elizabeth looks great! I love the tudor era.

  2. Great books sweet Liz! I also got a few Heyer books - Sylvester & Venetia. Enjoy your new reads and have a great week my friend!

  3. I loved The Tudor Throne! I bet you will love it too!!

  4. GH all over the blogs in mailboxes this week. Delightful.

  5. Looks like you have some great reading ahead of you.

  6. I got Sylvester as well! I am looking forward to reading it.

  7. I absolutely LOVED The Triumph of Deborah!!!!!! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it!! The author was lovely too...

  8. I'd never seen Mary and Elizabeth! can't wait to hear what you think! i got two of the heyer books too :)

  9. There's currently a giveaway for a signed copy of Mary & Elizabeth or the US version The Tudor Throne (the winner gets to choose which edition they prefer) at

  10. Mrs. Q, that makes two of us then!

    Amy, Man I love Heyer and her books are so so expensive even as second hand books. I got and older Venetia on paperbackswap and it is very cool. I can not wait to read them but hopefully I make it in time.

    Mystic, GH is so lovely the publisher send out a batch like once a year to bloggers.

    Pricilla, thank you and I can not wait to get to them all.

    Marg, ha cool score, I hope it is good and we both enjoy it.

    Lisa, that makes two of us. Eva is the nicest ever and I ordered it because my sister jack moved me on my review copy and never gave it back. Funny her name is Deborah too.

    Carrie, awesome score on the Heyer and Mary and Elizabeth is the UK version of The Tudor Throne by Brandy Purdy. I love Brandy and I am working on it now.

    Speaking of Brandy hey there Brandy, lady who is always after my heart. Thank you sharing with us all the giveaway and how nice of you to let the winners pick.


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