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Book Review: TO SERVE A KING By Donna Russo Morin

Just released in bookstores everywhere as of January 25th 2011 in paperback this one is meant for the intrigue lovers. “To Serve a King” delves into the notably renaissance inspired court of King Francis I of France. His court was overflowing with spies, beautiful women, men, and artists. I love the French court and this novel covers many of the aspects I so dearly enjoy reading. I really was fascinated with Donna’s previous novel “The Secret of the Glass” but I found this novel distinctly different from her previous release. I much enjoyed the change of pace and bravo Donna for adding twists that this must know it all reader never saw coming.

Genevieve Gravois tragically lost her parents in a fire at the glorious once in a millennium meeting of two of history’s most monumental kings of Europe. King Henry VIII of England and King Francois I of France meet in the event known as “the field of cloth and gold” it was meant to strengthen the friendship between the two kings following the Anglo-French treaty of 1514. Left parentless under abnormal circumstances Genevieve is taken in by her aunt who from what I summarized was one of King Henry’s spies. Henry’s brilliant plans for the two year old orphaned child was for her to become his stealthiest and deadliest spy he ever deployed against his longtime friend enemy the King of France Francois I.

When the timing was perfect Genevieve was sent to the French court leaving behind an emotionally frigid aunt on her death bed. The French court was where her duties lie and Genevieve found ease in infiltrating Francois’ most beloved courtier’s lives. Being sent to court under the pretense that her grandmother paid for her a position at court, Genevieve became lady in waiting to the stunning king’s mistress the Duchess Anne de Pisseleau. In France it was customary for the mistress to be the leading lady at court that was nothing new. The mistresses were the ones with all the real power and they possessed more pull than even the queen. Genevieve never expected to become a real part of the elite royal click. No matter what she had a mission to serve her true king and nothing not even the people she grew to love would stand in the way of her duty.

Heart and mind torn asunder Genevieve was torn between two worlds. Turn her back on Henry or love the man she was brought up to despise, she had to make her bed and lie in it. There was only one choice; she had to decide if she was French or English and there would be no going back.

⅘ this month has been a pretty hard month for me and it took me way longer than I expected it would to complete this novel. The book was lovely and I really enjoyed the twists that I never saw coming. I quit smoking this month and have found that one of the hardest things was dividing my time up right since I was not smoking while I reading anymore. The worse was at night I felt so sick from the quit smoking meds that I could not focus at all. It just felt like I was in a fog that had nothing to do with my books but I was determined to quit. Once I shook off the funk I was back on track and really did get into this intriguing novel. It had all my favorites, hot girls, beautiful clothing, stunning locations, passionate love affairs, and best of all a woman with her own mind. If you love historical fiction then this one is a whole new adventurous read that will defiantly shake your reading up a bit. I would recommend this one for all French, Tudor, and historical fiction lovers.

• FTC-Book was sent by publisher
• PG-13 Rating for some sexual reference and violence
The Courtier's SecretThe Secret of the GlassTo Serve a King

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  1. This one looks very interesting.
    I'm glad the smoking has ended for you.

  2. This is definitely a book I will pick up when I get the chance. Thank you for the review!
    And congratulations on quitting the cigarettes! Wish I had the will and strenght to follow your example. As for now I do not, but I have at least cut down on how many I smoke a-day.

  3. Sounds interesting! That's really great about quitting smoking - having never done it myself I can't speak to how hard it must be, but I can imagine. Hang in there - you will be glad you did!!

  4. I just started this book and I am loving it already! Very proud of you for quitting the smoking habit! I have been keeping you in my thoughts on this as I have read on FB about your struggles. You have done a great job :)

  5. Pricilla, I know can you believe it I actually lost weight quitting. I am so happy I am free!! Really I see almost everything coming like movies, crime TV you name it my husband gets pissed because I always know but this read I did not see it coming at all. It was very well played off.

    Malena, chantix's girl chantix it was the only thing that worked but I resisted it and smoked longer than most do on it and then I got real sick one night and just gave in. When your ready you should check into the meds they work. Yes yes this one is a must just so you can read the twist!

    Daphne, Very interesting read I think you would love how Donna spun it, you will never see it coming. I smoked for 16 years and now I know it was a real addiction that you just do not realize how bad it is until you get away. I am just glad it is over.

    Svea, thank you thank you and you will enjoy it I know it, once you really get into it you will not expect it. I will watch for you review.

  6. Great review! This sounds like one I would really enjoy.

    Good on you, girl, for quitting! I know it's hard, but hang in there and just think of how much more healthy you will be. =O)

  7. Michelle, thank you I am glad you enjoyed the review. It was really a unique twist a must read one. I am shocked though 2 weeks smoke free today YAY so so happy.

    Mystica, this one is right up your alley. I think you would really enjoy it.

  8. Great review! I have been wondering about these and I do wanna try a book by her

  9. Blodeuedd, Thank you and I would defiantly give her a try she is fabulous.

  10. This reminds me of a junior high favorite, The Reluctant Queen, about Henry VIII's younger sister:

    Good luck with the not-smoking!

  11. CLM, oooh what a good recommended novel. I just added it in my goodreads and the cover is so old but is so cute at the same time. I think it sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing. I am still smoke free and loving it.


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