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Brandy Purdy Cover Art Alert for The Tudor Throne

The Tudor Throne by Brandy Purdy

Bound by blood, torn by devotion...

"In the wake of King Henry VIII's death, England's throne is left in a precarious state-as is the peculiar relationship between his two daughters. Mary, the elder, once treasured, had been declared a bastard in favor of her flame-haired half-sister, Elizabeth, born of the doomed Anne Boleyn. Yet the bond between the sisters was palpable from the start. Now reinstated, Mary eventually assumes her place as queen. But as Mary's religious zeal evolves into a reign of terror, young Elizabeth gains the people's favor. Gripped by a tormenting paranoia, Mary is soon convinced that her beloved Elizabeth is in fact her worst enemy. And the virginal Elizabeth, whose true love is her country, must defy her tyrannical sister to make way for a new era...

A brilliant portrait of the rule of "Bloody Mary" and her intricate relationship with Elizabeth I, the adored "Virgin Queen," here is a riveting tale of one family's sordid and extraordinary chapter in the pages of history".
UK Cover Art "Mary & Elizabeth" by Emily Purdy aka "The Tudor Throne" by Brandy Purdy

"Let the battle for the crown begin…

They shared childhood memories and grown-up dreams…

Mary was England's precious jewel, the surviving child of the tumultuous relationship between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. However, when Henry fell passionately in love with the dark-eyed Anne Boleyn, he cast his wife and daughter aside. Henry and Anne's union sees the birth of Elizabeth. Mary is soon declared a bastard, stripped of all royal privileges, performing the lowliest tasks. But, there is something about Elizabeth. And Mary soon grows to love her like a sister. After the passage of three years, and Anne Boleyn's execution, Henry can no longer bear the sight of his female heir. With the birth of a son, Edward, both Mary and Elizabeth seem destined for oblivion. But as history will show, fate had something for more elaborate in store… Mary and Elizabeth is an unforgettable story of a powerful love affair that changed the course of history, perfect for fans of The Tudors and Philippa Gregory".

Yes ladies and gentlemen I will be reviewing this one and really I am looking forward to it. It has been sometime since I have done a rival read between Elizabeth I and Mary I. The official Amazon release day is July 1, 2011, whew that is a looooong time to wait. I have a feeling it will be really worth it. Especially since I really enjoyed the ghost of Ann Boleyn in "The Boleyn Wife". Plus Brandy has been the only author I have had the pleasure of reading who gave a logical explanation of what happened to Ann Boleyn's infamous B necklace.

The Confession of Piers Gaveston
The Boleyn Wife
The Tudor Throne

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  1. Plus Brandy has been the only author I have had the pleasure of reading who gave a logical explanation of what happened to Ann Boleyn's infamous B necklace.

    Now that is awesome! I look forward to your review!

  2. Wow, that was really a pretty cover! Mary's dress looks a bit "cheap" though, but the lady portraiting Elizabeth is really beautiful!

  3. Lucky you! I'm jealous of your review pile to say the least!

  4. Great cover!! i like the UK version too, but I think i like the US better.

  5. Audra, the part about the Boleyn necklace was in The Tudor Wife. It is in stores now if you want to check it out.

    Malena, Mary does look evil though right? Elizabeth is defiantly beautiful.

    Pricilla, I promise I will have a giveaway too!!!

    Carrie, I too tend to like the UK covers more than the US ones. I like them both this time.

  6. Thanks so much, I am so glad everyone seems to like the covers. If you would like to read a brief excerpt of Mary's first chapter in the book it is posted on my blog at

  7. I agree Mary's dress does look cheap and she looks stuck up, which I never got that impression when reading about her.

    I like the UK cover best because it looks more like a book cover. The US cover looks like a cover for a movie.

  8. Thank you Brandy for sharing that with us!!!! Congrats on the new cover I think it is perfect for the book. Looking forward to reading it.

    allthingshistoricalfiction, I have quite a few books where Mary is stuck up. Mostly because of her own naivety. At least this time they got the era of clothing right. I am more of a UK cover lover so I love all UK covers. They are such opposites.


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