Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Release For August, THE RED QUEEN by Philippa Gregory

Finallly finally, a status report on the the seccond novel in new series by Philippa Gregory called The Cousin's War. I am still patiently awaiting the release of "The Red Queen". At least now I have a tasty tid bit to hold me over for the time being. I also have to mention that I did get my hands on a bit of info in regards to what will be the third book. If I remember correctly it took so long to get the red queen going because Gregory decided that she needed to make another book just on Elizabeth Woodville's mother. If I am not mistaken that will be the next book.  
THE RED QUEEN – Philippa Gregory – Published August 19th in hardback

'Saints' knees, Praise God, I have saints' knees.  I am not yet ten years old, but I have saints' knees...  Pray God I can meet their challenge and have a saint's end too'

"Daughter of one of the most famously incompetent English commanders in France, heiress to the red rose of Lancaster, Margaret Beaufort never surrenders her belief that her House is the true ruler of England and that she has a great destiny before her.   Her ambitions are disappointed when her sainted cousin Henry VI of England fails to recognize her as a kindred spirit, and even more when he sinks into madness; but worst of all for Margaret is when she discovers that her mother is sending her to a loveless marriage in remote Wales.

Married to a man twice her age, and a mother at only fourteen, Margaret is determined to turn her lonely life into a triumph. She sets her heart on putting her son on the throne of England regardless of the cost to herself, to England, and even to the little boy himself.   Disregarding rival heirs and the overwhelming power of the York dynasty she names him Henry, like the King, sends him into exile, and pledges him in marriage to her enemy Elizabeth Woodville's daughter. She feigns loyalty to the usurper King Richard III, marries one of his faithful supporters and then masterminds one of the greatest rebellions of the time- all the while knowing that her son is growing to manhood, coached by his uncle, Jasper Tudor, recruiting his army, his eyes on the greatest prize,

In a novel of conspiracy, passion and cold-hearted ambition, Number 1 bestselling author Philippa Gregory has brought to life the story of a proud and determined woman who believes that she alone is destined, by her piety and lineage, to shape the course of history".

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  1. Ahhh I can't wait! I finally placed a reserve on it from the public library.

  2. Thanks for the update I have been waitng for this book seems like Forever!

  3. Looking forward to this one even though I am not the biggest fan of PG. I just can't help reading her books to see what she puts in them!

    Interesting to see that the next novel will be on Elizabeth Woodville's mother...I had thought it was going to be on her daughter, Elizabeth of York.

  4. Almybnenr, Cool I am so glad you did, did you by chance she what number you are in line? I am curious to see if it is as popular at other libraries like it is in mine.

    Dani, I know it has been a looooong wait but I am sure Gregory will deliver the goods. I can not wait to see how she spin Margaret because in my mind she is the one who had the most to gain from the deaths of the lost princes. I can not wait i am so excited.

    Robinbird, long time no see I am glad you came to visit. I have to admit I too am not the biggest fan of her. I do have to love her since she was one of my first HF reads. I still can not forgive her for giving Anne a sixth finger though. I got the info on the 3rd book like a year ago on her website subscription news letter, and now I can not find it. I guess Elizabeth's mother tied to much into the The Red Queen and so she had to split them, I think it will go Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, Jacquetta Woodville, then the best for last Elizabeth of York.

    Christy, it is such a pleasure to have you swing by. I bet you will devourer it too just like me. Still thinking about The Queens Pawn, I can not stop thinking about Alais, I must read more on her. I accept a new book about her just so I can quench my thirst a bit. Looking forward to your new release too.

    Amy, I seccond that Yay yay, I am excited can you tell.

  5. I can't wait for this one too! Like you, I think she had the most to gain from the princes' deaths/ disappearences. I still have to get through 'The White Queen'. I love your blog by the way!

  6. I am number 13 out of 19! This is in the Baltimore County Public Library system. :)

  7. I still have to get to The White Queen! Ahhhh!

  8. With Ms Gregory doing the honors, this should be an interesting series. This is a woman I know little about, but am interested in learning much more. She sounds most fascinating.

  9. I'll have a long wait but I will get to it finally!!!

  10. Courtney, I agree she did have the most to gain. I just can not understand how it was that suddenly when he son became king she was overly pious (wearing a hair shirt), she had something she felt she need to pay for why else would she have worn that shirt all those years. The White Queen was good but it made Elizabeth Woodville reasonably nice which was scary. Your making me blush I love it here too and I am glad I am not alone.

    Almybnenr, OMG it is much more popular out here then. I am in one of the outlying suburbs of Portland and I am position 25 of 26 holds. I am keeping my spot just before the release so I can see how high it will get and I will let you know closer to August how out of hand it gets.

    Dolleygurl, You better jump on it, honestly it was okay not too fabulous for me. I actually enjoyed The Other Queen more which I know many others did not even like that one. I guess i have weird taste.

    Librarypat, she is fascinating and every time I post anything about her it is alluring. They are the posts that get the most comments. People either love her or hate her and when the hate comes out it is usually about her historical inaccuracy.

    Mystica, I know it is a looong wait but....I have a giveaway nailed down for it when it gets closer to release date. For once it will be an international one YAY I am super excited about that.

  11. OMG I want that so bad. I will probably buy this one the day it comes out if I have any cash on me.

    I did not agree with the history in The White Queen but I still loved it to death because of the way it was written. This one will probably be the same way, but I owe a lot to Philippa Gregory. Without her I might not have discovered my love of royalty.

  12. Lady Tudor Rose, I completely agree with you, I did not agree with the history completely either but it sure makes for good reads. I too owe a lot to Gregory she was the seccond author of HF I read and she cemented my love of royalty.

  13. OMG I can't wait for this one!!! I love her books!!!!

  14. okbolover, I got it in the mail yesterday and have already started it. It has been interesting so far Margaret is obsessed with Joan of Arc and thinks god talks to her. Crazy good reads.


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