Friday, June 18, 2010

Sundays Art Early Edition, The White Queen and Book Review Journal Update

 I know it has been awhile since I have posted much of anything lately and for that I am sorry. Things have been a bit hectic lately in my world and I just have not had the means to be online much lately. I hope that this post makes up for it. I think I have just come down to the decision that I am limiting my number of posts to things that I really must post about. As many of you might have noticed I have been reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" and I decided to update my reading challenges for this year. Which I had been completely slacking on but I made up for it and made a whole page dedicated to my reading challenges. One of the challenges I joined this year was the "Book Review Journal" and I finally have another one to add to the journal challenge.

My inspiration for this one was the lovely new "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll it is an illustrated version. The illustrator is Camille Rose Garcia and I have to say this Alice is like no other I have ever seen before. To me it seems like Camille's Alice has a bit of a Spanish Gothic vibe which I am sure Carroll never envisioned for his Alice. I found the art work stunning and could not help but let it influence me a bit. Since I also watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie by Time Burton my favorite character was the White Queen. She was played by Anne Hathaway, yep that morbid Gothic feel came into play once again because Anne was pale as a ghost with dark lipstick. I wanted to make my own white queen but I think my queen turned into everything but white. How that happened I am not really sure but here she is.
Once again I sketched her into my review journal first in pencil. Then I transfered the outline onto a bigger piece of paper and took off from there. She is done completely in watercolor pencils, color pencils, and one black pen. I really need to get a better size of watercolor paper because as usual it is a big piece, The White Queen is about 8x10. Enjoy everyone she is a beauty and stayed tuned for my review of "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.
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  1. I love it! She is so beautiful and I love the blue hair. Great job Lizzy!

  2. Thank you Heather, looking back she is like the rainbow bright queen. I am glad someone loves her besides just me.

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous!! I especially love the cropped version with just her pretty face, love her eyes!!! great job :)

  4. OH Wow Lizzy this is the best ever! I really like the colors you chose, it shows what wonderful artistic ability you have, to imagine such beauty with blue hair. The expression is awesome. The eyes are awesome.
    The word of the day is Awesome.

  5. Carrie, you are good you picked up on the fact that I try tend to make the eyes the defining feature for my girls. This time I went full blow with colors on the eyes.

    Marie, thank you for the enthusiasm I think she is awesome too. It is like rainbow brights mom or something colorful.


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