Sunday, September 04, 2011

Today In History: Loosing Robert Dudley

Sept 4th 1588 Robert Dudley left this life for the after life. Anyone who knows me knows that Robert is by far one of my favorite historical people besides Charles II. Why you ask? He was romantic and a bad boy all rolled into one. He loved his Queen Elizabeth I like no one else could and he even suffered with her before she was queen when no one else could help them. Their story is so tragic and maybe in another life they would have been together the way fate wanted them to be. Alas what is meant to be is meant to be and Elizabeth was meant to be not just any queen but Glorianna herself. When Robert died Elizabeth was not with him. She was devastated when she received his last letter to her. She did not come out of her room for days.

Dudley always "remained at the centre of [Elizabeth's] emotional life", as historian Susan Doran has described the situation. He died shortly after the Spain's Armada was defeated, and after Elizabeth's own death, a note from him was found among her most personal belongings, marked "his last letter" in her handwriting.

This video I found on YouTube of a British TV Series that I think aired some years back. Either way this really reminds me of Robert and what today we would call his "swagger". Here is the shows info BBC The Virgin Queen

A Favorite of the Queen: The Story of Lord Robert Dudley and Elizabeth I (A Novel of the Tudors)
The Uncrowned Kings of England: The Black History of the Dudleys and the Tudor Throne
The Queen's Bastard: A Novel of Elizabeth I and Arthur Dudley


  1. That miniseries aired on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre also. Very good series. Tom Hard did a good job as Dudley

  2. I just read a Jean Plaidy featuring mainly Elizabeth. Dudley plays such a major role in her life. It was sad also that she deliberately chose to be single choosing England over sharing her life with a partner.

  3. Thanks for posting this Lizzy. I like Robert too and I'm sure that they'll find each other in another life and be happy. =)

  4. He is one of my fav as well. Just think of the family he came from too! Lady Jane Grey is my absolute favorite figure - and the Dudley's just about destroyed themselves completely trying to put her on the throne. Robert was very lucky indeed...

    Oregon Kimm

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Maria!

    Sarah, I just discovered that and I actually ordered it from my library and I have it. It is titled: Elizabeth I The Virgin Queen. Tom Hardy is now on my hot list for Robert Dudley. I am hoping to watch it later this week once all my kids are back in school.

    Mystica, OMG I love Plaidy I have her Elizabeth ones and have yet to read them. It is a hard thing to swallow when a person chooses to sacrifice their personal life for duty, Elizabeth made the right choice even though I would have loved it if she had chosen Robert. It was a cruel twist of fate they were not able to be together the way they were meant to be.

    Carole, I hope so too. When I dream of them I see them together forever and happy.

    OregonKimm, I know what a family there are so many different stories there. He was super lucky I swear he must have had someone looking out for him because he had lots of close calls.


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