Thursday, December 04, 2014

Marie Antoinette Inspired Home Decor Ideas

This is for all of you ladies out there that love Marie Antoinette's lavish style. I have been working on decorating my bedroom in what I would call a little bit of MA flare. It is a hard design concept but one that can be managed if you start with the right colors. Here are some beautiful ideas from Better Decorating Bible, in their posts they have mastered the look I have been aiming for "Modern French Regency" or "Boudoir Style Decorating" which could not be more fitting for my personality. One really helpful thing that BDB have added is the color band at the bottom with the colors for the entire room. My favorites from their posts are below but check out the links for more home decor ideas!

Now if your crafty then you can get really creative and make your own one of a kind pieces for your home. I start by going thrift store hunting for really old unique pieces of furniture. Once I find the perfect item I start by sanding it down if needed then it is on to lots of spray paint. I got the idea for this little bedside dresser from this photo below and it turned out better than I could have imagined. 
My Inspiration
My Little Dresser
I hope that this post gives you all some inspiration on your own bedroom projects. I found that doing a little bit of decor research before hand really helps pull everything together in the end because once you have the image of what you want it is much easier to stick to a theme. If you want to check me out on Pintrest I have a whole board on home decor and Marie Antoinette you can check out.
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  1. Ooooooh my goodness! I LOVE IT! I would want my future office (or whatever) to look like one of these. Boyfriend would never let me decorate our whole house like this maybe just my office. hahaha.

    1. haha...I struck a deal with my husband before he was the husband that when I moved in I had free reign of the house except for the living room decor. It has to stay asian themed, he said "bedroom was all mine to do what I want". Little did he know what kind of deal he struck. He won't go for a lot of hot pink but I am slowly working it all in LOL. I am glad you enjoyed the post Carole, happy readings!


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