Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: ROYAL ROMANCES by Leslie Carroll

Everyone loves a good romance but it is even better when they are true stories. Like Leslie has said before “I could not even make this stuff up” and man is she right. Leslie’s witty style comes through time and time again. This time around it is fun in the game of love. Covering Charles VII, Henri II, Louis XIV, Sophia Dorthea of Celle, Luis XV, Catherine the Greta, Caroline Mathilde, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ludwig I of Bavaria, George VI, and last but not least Prince William of Wales. Perfect bite sized bits of romance all put into one great non-fiction book.

My top favorite of course has to be Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton. I had no idea they broke up so many times though out their relationship. I was really surprised their relationship was so rocky in the beginning. It opened my eyes to how down to earth they are especially towards each other.  No servants allowed yet Williams father has an army of servants he even has one to “squeeze the tooth paste” every morning. That made me laugh. After reading that section it really made me look forward to when it is William and Kate’s turn to rule.  In true royal fashion they will be the peoples King and Queen.

4/5 Loved it but I have to admit that for a standard size book it sure has some bulk to it. I found my eyes struggled with the font size.  Other than that I really had no other issues. Leslie really has a gift for making non-fiction fun and exciting.

FTC-this book was sent to me by the publisher


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