Tuesday, July 05, 2011

In Stores Now: FOR THE KING by Catherine Delors and Giveaway Winners

The 2 winners of the paperback copies are:
Meg W.
Heather S.

Fresh onto bookshelves today!
"After First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte survives an assassination attempt, Chief Inspector Roch Miquel, a young man with a bright future and a beautiful mistress, must arrest the assassins before they strike again. But in a city with royalists and revolutionaries alike conspiring to overthrow Bonaparte, Roch's task is near impossible. And when his own father faces the guillotine, Roch has no choice but to trust those most likely to betray him".

For the King

Mistress of the Revolution: A Novel


  1. Thanks again! I am super excited to read this :)

  2. Pricilla, it is a good one. I thought it was really mysterious compared to other HF authors.

    Heather, Yay I am glad you are super happy. Happy readings.

  3. Meg, woohooo I am so excited that so many readers really enjoyed this one or want it. It was a really good with surprise I ending I never saw coming.


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