Friday, July 22, 2011

Boy and his Pig

"The Boy and His Pig", originally I did this one to apply for a job as a childrens book illustrator. I never heard back from them but at least I have this work out of the whole thing. It was suppose to be "whymsical" which I think it is. I love this pig I branded her a girl I guess and you can click on the picture for a larger image.

I made this one in my typical way of water color pencil with ink and some pastels after it all dried. In reality it is 11 inches by 17 inches which is pretty big I think.


  1. Wow! Its gorgeous! I like that she is branded a girl. Its very impressive girl!!!

  2. You would think they would have given you the courtesy of return contact.

    That is beyond rude. If you style is not what they were looking for that is no reflection on your talent.

    I hate bad manners.

  3. It is lovely.
    Would be great for childrens books


  4. Love the picture! I think your style of art would be great for children's book illustrating. Have you pursued it very much, or just this once?

  5. Allison, hehe I guess since she is pink I had to make the pig a girl. I am glad you like it Allison.

    Pricilla, I felt that way too and figured if they did not at least contact an applicant back then they were for sure a company I did not want to work with. Thank you for the encouragement it really was upsetting that they never responded. I agree very bad manners.

    Dizzy C, thank you I wish I could do an all animal one or a horses one. It would be so much fun.

    Rosanne, just this one time but I keep checking the paper and online for job postings. Maybe someday it will work out.

  6. It is totally their loss Liz. Love the colors and as usual love your work!

  7. Heather, I figure it just was not meant to be so their loss. Thank you and I at least got a new piece out of it.

  8. Lizzy! I love this one! Such a tender moment. I always love your art- You never cease to amaze me

    xoxo, Lucy

  9. Thank you Lucy you so got what I was aiming for. I love your art too Lucy!


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