Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sundays Art: Have You Ever Wondered, What They Look Like?

I know many of you out there have to be like me, and wonder what it would be like to see historical persons in real life? I too imagine what they would look like every time I read a novel. I came across this site called Historical Figures Foundation where historian and artist G. S. Stuart shows his talented work. He does recreations of historical figures. Some of them look so real it is creepy, kinda like a wax museum, but way better. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Countess Jeanne Du Barry Here
  • Nell Gwynne, King James II mistress Here,
  • Countess Jeanne De La Motta, impersonator of Marie Antoinette, Affair of the necklace Here
  • Archduchess Maria Antonia, young Marie Antoinette, Here
  • Duchess Yolande De Polignac, Marie Antoinette's best friend, Here
  • Czar Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia, Here
  • Queen Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's disposed wife Here
  • King Edward VI, King Henry VIII & Jane Seymour's son Here


  1. AWESOME! Of course I wonder what they really look like, and it is hard to tell evenwith most paintings as they seem so one dimensional; then of course we wonder are they being painted by someone who doesn't want to get their butt chewed...(or beheaded, whatever the case may be!)..
    And then we get the modern HF book covers and some model wearing some goofy dress which really peeves me..

  2. It is so funny you say that about book covers. I was just talking about the headless Mary Boleyn book cover,ha ha.

  3. Wow! Thank for the link. How interesting!

  4. This is so interesting-thanks:) I'm gonna go try to find Josephine...

  5. This sounds like such a cool website and I love your blog, so interesting. There is an award for you over at my blog

  6. Thank You So much dolleygirl! I went to your post but a glitch in blogspot's embeded post box will not let me post on your page because it wont reconized my ID argh! Frustrating!


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