Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You Alabama! Blog Award, Enchanting

Ahhh! Thanks So much I love it! My now second award, which I absolutely love From Alabama Book Worm! I could not be more proud!

I would also like to pass this one onto Royal Intrigue for having the best Plaidy info ever and I love the Pic's of Her, she is Beautiful! But I still can not figure out why I can not post a comment on her site, I know it is my fault, it has to be some dumb reason but I did figure it out yesterday and now can not manage to do it again

Thanks all for hanging in there with me my computer fan is still broken but a new one on the way. I also wanted everyone who has posted comments to know, I haven't forgotten about you but I just was not able to figure out how to be able to post comments, until yesterday I had not been able to because of my pop up blocked and malware setting but I think I got it all fixed finally and can now post comments! Or maybe not, I will have to tinker around.

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