Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Review: THE PLEASURE PALACE by Kate Emerson

My first introduction to lady Jane Popyncourt was in my reading "The Secret Bride" by Diane Haeger. After finishing I was curious about Jane Popyncourt given she was the long time companion to the lady Mary Tudor (Henry VIII sister). It would be only natural for me to enjoy a follow up novel centered around Jane and boy did Kate Emerson come through.

I could not put it down, I devoured this novel with its leading lady the mysterious Jane.
Diane had portrayed Jane in the light of more as the naive girl who got her heart trampled on repeatedly. I loved Kate's vision of Jane much more for the fact that Jane was the survivalist, who had a backbone who could act quickly on her feet. The story really began with her pondering how she became the kings ward. How did she of all people end up to be growing up with the royal children?

The questions that surround her mysterious past
in France went unanswered. When She began seeking answers for her questions that were left unresolved. She finds that they are deeply hidden within the Tudor court. A mystery of royal proportions filled with deceit, bad blood, twisting, & turning at every corner. It will keep you guessing almost to the very end. With a twist you never saw coming.

I own this one so obviously I would recommend it to buy. Any reader who loves a good Tudor mystery tying into the French court will love this novel. This one gets a 5 out of 5 muses for being so thrilling with such a unique character.

"Beautiful. Seductive. Innocent. Jane Popyncourt was brought to the court as a child to be ward of the king and a companion to his daughters -- the princesses Margaret and Mary. With no money of her own, Jane could not hope for a powerful marriage, or perhaps even marriage at all. But as she grows into a lovely young woman, she still receives flattering attention from the virile young men flocking to serve the handsome new king, Henry VIII, who has recently married Catherine of Aragon. Then a dashing French prisoner of war, cousin to the king of France, is brought to London, and Jane finds she cannot help giving some of her heart -- and more -- to a man she can never marry. But the Tudor court is filled with dangers as well as seductions, and there are mysteries surrounding Jane's birth that have made her deadly enemies. Can she cultivate her beauty and her amorous wiles to guide her along a perilous path and bring her at last to happiness?"


  1. I like your sidebar with your reviews listed.. Otherwise I would have never known you read this one too..
    I ALSO LOVED IT!! ;)
    and some called it fluff etc but I still loved it.

  2. It is funny that you say that you like it because I got the idea from you! I saw that you had a list of your reviews and I realized I did not. So thank you for the idea!

    I guess I like fluff too! I am always a softy for a heroine in love. I got in touch with Kate recently and I am working on a Q and A and all kinds of goodies when her next book comes out in Feb 2010 "Between two Queens". She told me the next book take place some 20 years later. I can not wait for the next one.


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