Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today in History: Elizabeth I Parting in Sorrow

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Today 406 years ago Queen Elizabeth I parted from this world leaving her crown to James I of Scotland. Son of Mary of Scots. Elizabeth died The Virgin Queen, childless & unmarried. Her children were the people of England. The Golden Era her father struggled so hard for became her golden court of scholars, philosophers, & free thinking courtiers. In the 1590's William Shakespeare came to maturity under Queen Elizabeth Golden Era. The secret love she bore for Robert Dudley a man born from a long line of traitors to the crown. The people of England would not stand for it Dudley was too over the line. What can never be, can never be. In one line to a lost love poem I am always reminded of Elizabeth & Robert. In the end heaven will open its gates and love will say "Love has found a way to live by Dying". Gone but not forgotten.

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