Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Review: THE SHARP HOOK OF LOVE by Sherry Jones

A 12th century version of Romeo and Juliet, Heloise d’ Argenteuil possessed a gifted mind and a pure heart. Raised in a convent her future had been decided long before her mother had died. Her uncle Filbert had fetched her from the convent upon her mother’s death because she was to be educated in Paris by the finest scholars. Heloise was a woman ahead of her times and her uncle thought she was “gifted” for a woman. As she got to know her uncle Cannon Filbert she discovered he was committed to the church only for ambitious reasons and he had developed a violent drinking problem. Filbert spent his nights drinking himself into a stupor while Heloise avoided him at all costs.

At this time Pierre Abelard was head master at the Notre-Dame Cloister School; he had taken the position and turned his back on his inheritance to follow his dream of being a prolific scholar. He was handsome and also possessed a gifted mind that only people like Heloise could banter with. The pair had crossed paths by chance one day yet Heloise’s reputation for her keen intellect and virtue had preceded her. Abelard had heard of her this great woman scholar and he had hoped to cross her path. The pair became instantly smitten with each other. They convinced uncle Filbert to allow Abelard who was considered one of the most brilliant scholars of the time to tutor Heloise.

Heloise quickly found herself falling deeply in love with Abelard. They were like mirrored souls both in intelligence and beauty. Acknowledging their illicit love would be the beginning of a tumultuous love affair that would nearly consume them. They fiercely loved each other yet their lives had been pre-determined long before they had fallen deeply in love. Abelard was sworn to the church and Heloise was promised to the abbey. If their love affair became public knowledge it would be a scandal with dire consequences. Love or religon, this romantically tragic novel will play at your heartstrings. Sherry Jones’ vividly portrayed Heloise and Abelard as France’s own 12th century star crossed lovers.

5/5 Beautifully tragic in all the best ways a book could possibly be. This novel really grabbed me into the story of Heloise and Abelard. Sherry Jones wows with another great historical fiction novel that is just the right mixture of love and loss. I would highly recommend this novel to all historical fiction lovers.

FTC- this novel is part of my personal collection
R-Rating for sexual reference and violence.

S U B S C R I B E ~ T W I T T E R ~ F A C E B O O K ~ I N S T A G R A M ~ G O O G L E +
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