Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GRAMMARLY the ONLY editor you will ever need

Hey all I had to share this new website I got to try. It is an editor that is kind of like Word but a million times better. I will be the first to admit that I have a track record of bad grammar. I swear I try to not go there but what is a girl to do when Word just is not enough? Word gives you no explanation and misses common issues. When I started using Grammarly I noticed right off the bat there is a button to scan for the dreaded plagiarism! I used Grammarly's plagiarism check because I always have this nagging feeling that I am saying the same things over and over. What if I was copying myself? The plagiarism button checked the web and compares your document to text on the internet to see if there is anything else like it out there. If it finds something, it gives you the site link to view it.  I was please to see that there was a similar one detected, but it was not mine. The link it pulled up was so distantly related it really was not the same as my review, but it was nice to know. 
To start you pick your different paper type like general, business, academic, technical, creative,  and casual. Then you hit the review button and a report covers your document and editing categories appear like citation audit, use of articles, use of adjectives and adverbs, comparing two or more things, verb form use, wordiness, passive voice use, and commonly confused words. My second favorite feature is the synonyms button. It loads the text with underlines on all major words then if you click a word a pop up window shows up and you can change your word with choices like a thesaurus.

When you are all done editing you can do a report and save it as a pdf to your desktop or you can go over its sections like plagiarism, contextual spelling check, grammar, punctuation, style and word choice. When I used my most recent book review to practice on I was shocked by how many grammatical errors I had. I think to start it had at least 40 errors. I re-edited my review then I uploaded the new review, and it is so much better than before. Thank you Grammarly for letting me try it out I love that it actually gives a real explanation for us grammar dummies.

More on Grammarly
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