Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday's Art: Anne Bassett, Between Two Queens By Kate Emerson

After reading Between Two Queen's I once again was inspired by Nan (Anne Bassett) to bring her to life in my own way. I know she has a more modern look but when I do these they never come out quite as I expect them to. I is a big one again and I am having issues scanning them into my computer. With that being said they come out a bit distorted. Why I am not sure but either way I still love them. I did her my typical way water color pencil and crayon. Then filled in the details in color pencil. I hope you all enjoy her!


  1. Just beautiful! Lizzy, you know I love this- she's dazzling:)

  2. Awwh thank you guys I read your messages on the cell but could not comment back. It gave me more motivation to get it over with.


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