Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today in History, Loss of Authur Tudor

Today in History the loss of Arthur Tudor, prince of Whales. Arthur was the first born son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, heir to the throne of England and Whales. His younger brother Henry was to be entered into the church. At fifteen he was married to Catherine of Aragon. After the marriage the couple went to Ludlow on the Welsh border. A short time after arriving he got the "sweating sickness" and it would become fatal. Leaving a big question of "was the marriage consumated". Catherine was to fend for herself alone for years ahead. Younger brother Henry would no longer be entering the church after all and would later become Henry VIII King of England and Whales. The new king Henry never forgot about the fair haired Spanish princess, even though his father forbid him to marring her. They married anyways and headed for a future of death, lost love, and terrible heart ache. To read more on Catherine and Arthur read The constant princess by Philippa Gregory.

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