Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sundays Art: Stokesay Castle, Before and After

I came across this picture one day and was entranced by this beautiful place. The sepia (almost black and white) pictures are from author Charles Oman, London, 1926, Castles.

"Stokesay Castle
, located at Stokesay, a mile south of the town of Craven Arms, in southern Shropshire, is the oldest fortified manor house in England, dating to the 12Th century. It is currently in the hands of English Heritage."

I chose this for Sundays art for a few reasons one being that the sepia photos were taken in 1926. Showing Stokesay's gardens and structures in disarray. What a beautiful place that at the time was so neglected. I was in for a treat when I found the recent pictures. The hard work and gardening on the castle was blatantly apparent, Just see for yourself. It is beautiful and I would love to see it myself one day.


  1. Oh how pretty! I am so glad there is so much history preserved in England. Things tend to get washed away here.

  2. Thanks for sharing. What's interesting is this castle was the inspiration for one of the settings in Pamela Belle Chains of Fate trilogy which I've recently read. More info here,

  3. I know I love that they worked so hard to clean it up. I try to imagine what it looked like in its prime.

    Misfit, thanks for the info I am going to have to check that out!

  4. Yes- those photos are great! I'd give anything to be able to get there one day!

  5. Me too! Can I hide in your luggage?

  6. Very nice post, I love looking at castles (& I have explored your castles link frm before!)
    I Love the fairy tale feel & the nuance of many stories within the wall :)

  7. This one makes me think of a locked up princess, it completely has the fairy tale feel.


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