Monday, September 21, 2009

The Grand Arrival of my Newborn Niece Molly

I have not shared this before but currently my brother is serving in a tour in Iraq. My dear sweet sister in law was on the news today for bringing their second child into the world. Thank goodness they are safe in the hospital now. Poor Jennie only made it to the parking lot, nerves of steel I swear. I would have been a blubbering mess. Congratulations Jennie on the safe delivery of Molly. I can not wait to meet her. She is Beautiful!
It was an early arrival and surprise delivery for one expecting mother this morning in Minot.
Jennie Goodwin gave birth to Molly a healthy six pound 12 ounce baby girl in the back seat of a car on the way to the hospital.

Molly wasn't due to arrive for another week but this morning Jennie says her contractions started shortly before seven and quickly increased.

Living at the Minot Air Force Base and her husband deployed to Iraq, Jennie's birthing coach picked her up and headed for the hospital.

Jennie says it's was about halfway to the hospital where she realized Molly wasn't going to wait.

(Jennie Goodwin, Gave Birth in a Car) "So when my water broke I was like oh my goodness, and I had the urge to push and my dula was like look at me, look at me she was like don't push don't push and I was just like I have to."

Jennie did make it to the Emergency Room parking lot and it was there at 11:30 that Molly was born in the back seat of the car.

Jennie says she hoped for a natural delivery but not quite that natural.......
"My Dula ran inside to get the doctors and I had already given birth to her, like half of her body and so by the time everybody came out running they had her in their arms."

Jennie is hoping to introduce Molly to her dad who is stationed in Iraq via the Internet later today."


  1. That's a speedy entry into the world! Just think, half the speech for all her significant milestone birthdays are already written talking about her birth.

    Congrats to your family and I hope your brother gets to see her soon.

  2. Geesh...when they're ready you better watch out! Congrats to the new parents and to the rest of the family!

    She is absolutely precious and I just love that blonde hair!

    Welcome to the world Miss Molly!

  3. Wow what a woman your SIL is. I would be a mess too. I had a friend who actually delivered in her home! They couldn't make it out the door and her husband had to catch the baby! The paramedics mad it a few minutes after to cut the cord but wow is all I have to say. I hope that I can be as brave when its my turn!

    Congrats to your family and welcome to the world Molly!

  4. What a story.. poor Jennie! Ms Molly definitely looks like a force to reckoned with! Look at all that hair!
    Adorable, and I hope your brother comes home soon to be with his family.
    Congrats to Aunt Lizzy as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What precious news! Congratulations! It is a blessing that will bring your brother all the more courage, hope and faith he needs on a daily basis. Molly is a hero's daughter:) God bless this family. Hugs to you proud Auntie:)

  6. Thank you Ladies, your comments mean the world to me. She is a hero's daughter and I think about my "little" brother everyday.

    The life of a soilder is not an easy one. He still has no idea he is on a "special" mission and we wont be able to get him for a few more days. I am sure he will laugh about it. Brat!

    She is beautiful with all that blond hair. Just like big sister. I miss them so much that at times it is almost unbearable. Soon he will be home and it is the only thing that keeps me sane.

  7. Lizzy I know we've already talked about this but I have to say to you once more, congratulations on the birth of your niece Molly!!! What a beautiful baby girl!! And with a mop of blond hair!!! Gorgeous! And goodness, what an incredible story of how she was brought into the world. I can't believe your sister-in-law went through all of that, on top of having her husband away overseas fighting in the war! That is one unbelievable family, my best to the entire family.

  8. What an incredible story to tell her when she gets older! That's amazing. Congrats to you and your family. Babies are wonderful - I just became an aunt again a couple of weeks ago too.

  9. I know I am still in shock that it happened that way. I talked to her this morning and she is already going home. I love the hair too! She is by far the bravest woman I know.

    Thank you Allie

  10. Aw, what a cutie! Congrats to your family on the new addition.

  11. Thank you Rosemary, that is what I did when I saw the picture too.


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