Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sundays Art: My "Ninja Cat"

Well he is not really a ninja but his name is Ninja. I saw a new Halloween Book Cover and in the perfect pose to paint my own cat. It completely fits his personality, he hates me and loves my husband but he is my cat. He is a Siamese cat that plays fetch with hair ties (rubber band like things). He sling shots them all over my house and sometimes they even fly into the toilet.

I made ninja in water color crayons again and this time color pencil. I did change that I use a regular ball point black erasable pen to give him a hairy look. Hope you all enjoy.


  1. Better the hair bands than the toy mice I have to deal with. One time I came home and there were three (count 'em) in the toilet. I believe she's drowning her prey.

  2. My boyfriends cat drowns her toys and elastic bands in her water dish - it must be a cat thing. The picture is beautiful.

  3. Thank you! I see it must be a cat thing. He is a strange individual though.

    I throw a hair thing and he chases after it in a puma cat style run then he brings it back for me to throw it again. Does anyone else's cat fetch?

  4. I love the name! Its perfect. As an owner of 3 cats (one which is 100% my husbands cat) this made me smile!

  5. I know I saw a picture of your babies and they are too cute.

    I do love kitties.


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