Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sundays Art: Pre-Raphaelites The Painter's Honeymoon 1864

Frederick, Lord Leighton 1830-1896

This piece is very near and dear to my heart not just because I am an artist also but because you can just see the love between them. Not just for each other but also for the piece he is working on. If my husband tried to lean over me like this while I was working on something I would kill him for it. To share an intimate moment of creation with someone else is a very heartfelt moment.

This is not the usual composition of Leighton, normally he did nude or classical images. The man's hands are done in incredible detail to show how important they are to his work. The part I found most amusing about this piece is that Leighton deliberately prevented it from being shown publicly in the years following its completion. Many of his contemporaries believed he felt he had betrayed too much of his own emotion to feel comfortable exhibiting the picture. Maybe he at one point or another had a moment like this in his own life and did not want to share with the public.

Happy Valentine's day to all the lovers, may all your days be filled with love and happiness.


  1. What a perfect piece of art to post on Valentine's Day! :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Lizzy! I can see why you love this piece, it is full of warmth and love! Great choice.

  3. What a lovely piece. The hands and the way her gown flows are wonderful. I still find it hard to believe works like this can be done with paint and brush.

  4. I am super happy you all like it too. I love the warmth of this one. I too find it hard to believe it is done with a brush and paint. I paint and I could not even begin to understand how much work went into something like this. It was really nice to find out that even some of histories greatest artist's felt the way I do about my art. Scared to show it.

  5. What a lovely Valentine's picture - thanks for posting!

  6. Hannah when I first laid eyes on this one I knew it was perfect for Valentines day, artists and lovers go together so well.


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