Monday, February 15, 2010

Notorious Royal Marriages gets a Rave Review from the Chicago Tribune

Notorious Royal Marriages just got a RAVE review from the Chicago Tribune. Get this though it was reviewed by a man and he LOVED it so much he gave it 5 stars just like me.

Check it out here

"From Eleanor of Aquitaine to Princess Diana, Carroll writes with verve and wit about the passionate - and occasionally perilous - events that occur when royals wed. From the occasional love match to the more frequent grudge match, Carroll’s fascinating account of nine centuries of royal marriages is an irresistible combination of People Magazine and the History Channel."

-John Charles reviews romance novels for the Chicago Tribune-

Congratulations Leslie on the well deserved review, you so earned it.
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  1. I have her earlier book ROYAL AFFAIRS. I can't wait to read this one.

  2. This book sounds fascinating - there is certainly plenty of material!

  3. Congrats to Leslie! I really need to go get a copy of this book.

  4. Leslie just has a witty gift for writing and I love her books. I never read nonfiction unless it is really appealing and both of her books are really good.

    I own both of them and I am glad I read them she just makes sense of messy time periods. She cleared up so many people in my head like Caroline of Brunswick.


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