Monday, January 04, 2010

In Book Stores Tomorrow! Notorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll

Yes tomorrow is the day, since I loved Leslie's first book "Notorious Royal Affairs" it would only be natural that I would love this one too. This will be the first historical fiction bloggers round table event of the year and you can find the full schedule below.
"A funny, raucous, and delightfully dirty 900-year history of the royal marriages of Europe's most famous-and infamous-monarchs."
"Since time immemorial, royal marriages have had little to do with love- and almost everything to do with diplomacy and dynasty. Clashing personalities have joined in unholy matrimony to form such infamous couples as Russia's Peter II and Catherine the Great, and France's Henri II and Catherine de Medici-all with the purpose of begetting a male heir. But with tensions high and silverware flying, kings like England's Henry II have fled to the beds of their nubile mistresses, while queens such as Eleanor of Aquitaine have plotted their revenge...

Full of the juicy gossip and bad behavior that characterized Royal Affairs, this book chronicles the love-hate marriages of the crowned heads of Europe-from the Angevins to Charles and Di-and ponders how dynasties ever survived at all."

Monday- Jan. 4th
Guest Post: Allie
Creative Post: Amy,
Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
Book Review: Lucy

Tuesday- Jan. 5th
Guest Post: Arleigh
Creative Post: Lizzy (
Tsar Nicholas II The last Royal Family of Russia)
Book Review: Heather

Wendsday- Jan. 6th
Guest Post: Amy
Creative Post: Susie (
Henry VIII and Anne Cleves)
Book Review: Allie

Thursday- Jan. 7th
Interview: Marie
Guest Post: Susie
Creative Post: Heather (Peter III and Catherine the Great)
Book Review: Arleigh

Friday- Jan. 8th
Guest Post: Lizzy
Creative Post: Lucy (Josephine and Napoleon)
Book Review: Amy

Saturday- Jan. 9th
Guest Post: Heather
Creative Post: Allie ( Catherine De Medici and Henri II)
Book Review: Susie

Sunday- Jan. 10th
Guest Post: Lucy
Creative Post: Arleigh (
Find theses characters in fiction)
Book Review: Lizzy

Monday- Jan. 11th
Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table,
Wrap up


  1. I am really looking forward to this Roundtable. Fantastic!

  2. This is going to be one KICKIN' event! And the book was soooo good!

    Like the new header - cool font!

  3. Lizzy, I keep meaning to mention, I love the new header,too. It's stunning and your blog's new look is fantastic.

    I'm already having so much fun, and it's only the first day of the roundtable event.

    And I can't wait till release day tomorrow. It feels like Christmas Eve all over again. :)

  4. I have been looking forward to it for a while too. I have been loving the book too.

    Thank you ladies for the complements on the new header I am in love with it. I can finally say I am satisfied with the blog completely. Maybe now I will finally quit messing with it.

    Great analogy Leslie it is like Christmas! I took so long to check here because I was reading the other posts. Amy and Lucy's posts were really good.


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