Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Giveaway: THE SEPTEMBER QUEEN by Gillian Bagwell

"Charles II is running for his life-and into the arms of a woman who will risk all for king and country.
Jane Lane is of marrying age, but she longs for adventure. She has pushed every potential suitor away-even those who could provide everything for her. Then one day, adventure makes its way to her doorstep, and with it comes mortal danger...
Royalists fighting to restore the crown to King Charles II implore Jane to help. Jane must transport him to safety, disguised as a manservant. As she places herself in harm's way, she finds herself falling in love with the gallant young Charles. And despite his reputation as a breaker of hearts, Jane finds herself surrendering to a passion that will change her life forever".
The Giveaway info: US and Canada only and up for grabs is one large ARC copy of The September Queen. Giveaway will end on 1.4.2012

For 1 entry enter your name and email
For 2 entries be a follower and say so in the form
For 3 entries share this and add a real link to where you shared it.



  1. I've been anxious to read this one! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  2. Meg, I so have been slacking I am going to figure out the winner tonight. Good luck everyone.


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