Monday, May 16, 2011

Today In History: Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI Wedding bells

241 years ago today Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI wedding bells rang out on May 16th 1770

Much has been written and portrayed about the marriage relationship of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Here are historical facts about their lives together from

  • Ages at Wedding: Marie Antoinette was 14; Louis XVI was 15.
  • Wedding Date: On April 19, 1770 Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste were married by proxy in the Augustine Church in Vienna. Marie Antoinette left for France two days later. She crossed the border into France on May 7, 1770.
  • On May 16, 1770, their French wedding was held at Versailles in the Chapel Royal.
  • Her wedding dress was decorated with diamonds and pearls.
  • After a formal dinner and the blessing of their bed by the Archbishop of Reims, Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste were escorted to their bedroom. They did not consummate their marriage until August 1777 according to a letter she wrote to her mother on August 30, 1777.
  • Marie Thérèse Charlotte about Marie Antoinette after Louis XVI's death: "She no longer had any hope left in her heart or distinguished between life and death."
  • PBS about Louis XVI: "Louis XVI was the first French king in two hundred years not to have a royal mistress."
For some of your own Marie Antoinette inspired wedding ideas check out this lovely link. Also check out this video of a really cool Marie Antoinette inspired bridal shower and wedding it is to DIE for beautiful plus what is a wedding with out a delicious cake?


  1. Their story is so sad, I have a hard time reading books about them because they had such depressing lives! I loved this post, I am a huge fan of random historical facts :)

    -Kate the Book Buff
    The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

  2. How awesome! Today is my anniversary as well. Though, I am sure that my celebration was not as lavish as MA's!!!

  3. Wow - I didn't know he was the only king not to have mistresses. That is impressive!
    Great post! :)

  4. Wow. May is a very eventful month! Thanks for posting this!

  5. The wedding cake in the video was lively. The cake in the "delicious cake" link is unbelievable. It is too lovely to cut into and eat. I can't even imagine what it cost. More than our whole wedding I'm sure.

  6. Kaitlyn, I love reading about them but I enjoy all novels on them from non-fiction all the way down to the wild historical entertainment novels. Since I am expanding my horizons as of late mostly MA is a side lining character in my reads. My most recent favorite was Madame Tussaud by Michell Moran.

    Allison, well happy late anniversary!!! I hope you did something fun.

    Heidi, incredible to say the least he was completely loyal to Marie, no one ever held a candle to her in Louis' eyes. I guess it is a surprising fact since it was normal to have mistress' in France. Very impressive indeed.

    Carole, very very just wait there are lots more to come like this, some I will post and some I will have to pass on this year because there are just too many.

    Librarypat, was the video not great Pat? Beautiful to say the least, but very very very expensive. My cousin had a "Alice in Wonderland" theme cake for her wedding and it was 1,000$ and it could not hold a candle to that lovely.


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