Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disney's New Movie TANGLED

In theater November 24th Tangled is Disney's new feature film which features a very quirky Rapunzel. My blogger profile picture is Rapunzel. I just saw this and had to share it with everyone.Check out the official trailer.  

For more check out Disney's "Tangled" site
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  1. Ha! This looks cool! I hadn't seen it before!

  2. I saw the trailer for it the other day and it looks adorable :)

    I'm such a sucker for Disney and Pixar!!


  3. Marg, I knew it was in the works when I found the picture I am using for my profile but I just saw it for the first time on TV and shared it right away. I am for sure taking the kids to see this one.

    Book Soulmates, I am so glad I am not the only sucker. I love Disney and this one I sure will be the same.

    Svea, Me too! It looks so cute I love it that Rapunzel is kind of wild and daring.

  4. HA! I had no idea. This looks so cute. For kids but with adult humor. It's about time Rapunzel had a movie.

  5. I agree it is about time Disney explored some of the other fairy tale beauties, Rapunzel really does need her own movie. I can not wait for this one to come out.

  6. Oh how funny! I can't wait. It is so nice to have grandchildren as an excuse to go to some movies.

  7. Does she not look funny Pat? She looks hilarious and you are right before I had kids my GF gave me hell about seeing the first Shrek i n theaters because it was a cartoon. I love Disney always have always will and I am going to make a girls day out of it with my daughter I can not wait.


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